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My name is Mike Olivas, and It’s my honor to have you on board as part of the Business and Life Nation, often referred to as “Life Nation,” because in the world of Business & Life, Life always wins!

If you are simply over the 9-5 grind, tired of getting misdirected by superiors or an entrepreneur who’s grinding and needs a DAILY dose of inspiration and ideas on how to grow your business, then this DAILY podcast is for you!


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by Mike Olivas | Episode 35: Tom Ziglar

ABOUT Mike Olivas
and Business & Life

I’m the founder of 2 self funded multimillion dollar companies, I love entrepreneurship, I’m a board member, avid traveler, self help and life enthusiast. As the host of Business & Life you’ll hear a combination of my experiences and stories as I ask my guests some killer questions to truly deliver value and tangible actionable answers that will benefit you in your journey as an aspiring or current entrepreneur.

I’ll be interviewing successful entrepreneurs 7 days per week,why 7 days?

… because Business and Life does not rest until you attain your why. I promise to bring you some amazing takeaways and sound bombs that you’ll love, but the trick is to not just listen, but it’s to act, that is why I recap those sound bombs during the show to ensure it sticks!

I’ve been blessed to have some amazing experiences within my entrepreneurship journey in Travel, Entertainment, and Marketing. From throwing International college events, building technologies, business coaching, or throwing rockstar yacht parties with my yacht rental business, creating revenue streams around fun and building memories of a lifetime that create true experiences has been my passion.

However, It’s important to understand that it’s not all been a success, in fact it’s been more struggle, law suits, stress, and failures along this journey. You see, I was fortunate to grow up unfortunate, and that kind of upbringing taught me killer work ethic while growing up on a pig ranch i on the outskirts of Bakersfield, ca in a small town named Buttinwillow (big points to you if you actually know where that is) :).

Let’s grow together as I am learning from our guests daily just as you will, listen in on your morning shower, blow drying sesh “Alexa, turn up the volume,” or your commute to and from the office. Remember if you enjoy the journey, your outcome will be amazing and in order for things to get better, you must get better, so let’s get better together daily, and let’s have some fun doing it! Cheers!

Mike Olivas

Isn't it time to finally live the life you deserve? A life on your own terms?

Business Coaching, Made Simple.

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Isn't it time to finally live the life you deserve? A life on your own terms?

Business Coaching, Made Simple.


Mike Olivas brings shock, excitement, and comedy to today’s Gen Z and Millennial young professionals while he discusses the importance of focus, goal setting, and leadership to any size audience. His story: “I was fortunate to grow up unfortunate” will inspire any audience. You will love Mike’s natural ability to ignite and motivate a crowd to change their way of thinking in today’s ever changing environment. His approach on social media and take aways on how to focus on goals is not only innovative, but will bring your audience to change their mindsets and app settings.

Book release coming soon: “The Anti-Social Network”